A Sanctuaryof Biodiversity

Bordered by the wild fjords of northern Chilean Patagonia, Reñihué is a sanctuary of rivers, lakes, mountains, wetlands, forests, and age-old connections.

Stretching unbroken from the Andean peaks through to the Pacific Ocean, Chile’s last untouched valley is home to a unique assortment of flora, fauna, and funga.

Reñihué is living memory of what was once the south of the world’s southern end

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¿How do we protectthis unique heritage?


We produce new scientific knowledge that contributes to its conservation and helps highlight its value.


Encompassing from small felines to old-growth forests, our unique photographic work provides a rare chance to learn more about the processes of the Reñihué Valley and the history of its inhabitants.

We are convinced that the conservation problem in Patagonia is not the lack of protected areas but the small amount of money invested in these. (2,1 USD/há). Our mission is to study and monitor Reñihue’s biodiversity to ensure its long-term conservation and hopefully apply this knowledge to the extent of all Patagonia.

February 2, 2022

Interview with Thomas Kramer on Emol TV

January 24, 2022

"Reñihué Method" in Ladera Sur

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