About us

Started in 2020 by Charlie Clark, the Reñihué Nature Conservancy Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization using science and communication to help conserve Reñihué’s highly biodiverse processes and inhabitants.


Help conserve the Reñihué Valley through innovative science, research and communications initiatives designed to further its protection and highlight its value.


Share the planet in the understanding that, as a part of nature, we are required to take action to help conserve it.

“How did it all begin? I guess I heard the call of Mother Earth. A few years back, the study of medicinal plants and the traditional knowledge of some Latin American cultures helped me awaken to our connection to nature and to realize that we are but one part of it.

Along that journey I discovered Reñihué, a unique place teeming with biodiversity that can contribute so much to science and conservation. We must strike a balance so as to live in harmony with nature, the forests, the land and the sea. We have to strive for that”.

Charlie Clark, President of the Reñihué Nature Conservancy Foundation


Conserving nature binds us together because it is only possible when we realize that living things are all connected to one another.

We believe that knowledge is for everyone and that no hierarchy of insights should exist. We are motivated to learn, collaborate and create together in order to imagine and inspire a new future where we can all coexist.

We love a challenge and feel that that trial and error are fundamental. That’s the basis for the contributions we endeavor to make.

What we create is grounded on ecology, photography, information design, and science education. Always from the heart, feet firmly in the mud, deep in the forest.

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Eduardo Minte

Executive Director

Charlie Clark

Founding President

Rodrigo Fuenzalida


PhD (c) Belén Gallardo

General Coordinator

MSc. Thomas Kramer

Research Coordinator

Valentina Alarcón

Logistics Coordinator


Charlie Clark

Rodrigo Fuenzalida

Félix De Vicente

Eduardo Minte

Belén Gallardo


Nicolás Gálvez

PhD in Biodiversity Management
Associate Professor, Catholic University of Chile

Gabriela Palomo

PhD (c) in Applied Ecology
Carnivore Ecologist, University of Nebraska

Jan Bannister

PhD in Silviculture
Main Researcher, Chiloé Forest Institute